Luis Mileu is a designer, photographer and author.

Luis worked at the most relevant national brand agencies in Portugal such as Brandia Central, Ativism and Ivity, developing multidisciplinary projects for local and international brands.
His work has received recognition and awards in several creativity festivals, like Festival do Clube de Criativos, Prémios Meios & Publicidade, Briefing Awards, El Ojo and Red Dot Awards.
Luis has been photography curator and member of the jury of creative festivals like CCP and Meios & Publicidade.
His projects have been published in newspapers, books and design magazines.


Futuros Presidentes, Mercado Santa Clara, Lisbon, 2019
Futuros Presidentes, Camões, Centro Cultural Português, Maputo, 2019
Futuros Presidentes, Ribeira das Naus, Lisbon, 2018
Futuros Presidentes, Assembleia da Répública, Lisbon, 2018
Americans45, Auditório Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro, 2018
Oh Lisboa, a tua luz, a minha sombra – Mona Loja de Ideias, Lisbon, 2017
Lumi, Galeria Luminare, LisbonWeek, Lisbon, 2017
Oh Lisboa, your light, my shadow, Kunstraum Botschaft, Berlin, 2017
Down the Rabbit Hole, Brooklyn NY, Photoville, 2015
Boa Vista – Palácio Quintela, Lisbon, 2014
Project 2 Faces – Galeria Municipal de Arte, Barreiro, 2012
Project 2 Faces – Cinema S Jorge, Lisbon, 2011
Shadow Dancers – Loja das Maquetes, Lisbon, 2010

Futuros Presidents, Helpo Edition
One City, one Name, Tokyo, No Frame Publishing

Based in Lisbon, Luis currently works as a designer, independent photographer and author.