Luís Mileu was born in 1972 in Estremoz, Portugal. He graduated in Communication Design followed by photography. He started photography, working on personal projects exploring social themes.

Luis was nominated for the Portuguese Society of Authors Photography Prize for his exhibition “Americans45” in 2018. A down-to-earth and on-the-road project collects portraits of American citizens on the eve of the historic election of the forty-fifth President of the U.S.A.

Other works include the “Future Presidents” developed in the north of Mozambique. A project for the Portuguese NGO Helpo with the official support of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic.

In 2020 he developed Juliana in 8 regions of Mainland Portugal, the Azores, and Madeira to honor the knowledge of the Portuguese Mediterranean Diet. A commissioned project from Gerónimo Martins Group.

Solo exhibitions have taken place at Lisbon, Cinema São Jorge (2011) Berlin, Kunstraum Botschaft (2017), Barreiro, Auditório Augusto Cabrita, (2017), Lisbon, Assembly of the Portuguese Republic (2018) Maputo, Camões, Portuguese Cultural Center (2019) and Lisbon, Terreiro do Paço (2020).

In 2019 Luís releases his first Book, “One City, One Name – Tokyo”. His projects have been published online and in newspapers, books, and magazines worldwide. Luis is based in Lisbon.

Individual exhibitions:
Juliana, Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon, 2020
Indirecta, A Homem Mau – Fineprint, Lisbon 2019
Futuros Presidentes, Nova SBE, Carcavelos, 2019
Futuros Presidentes, Camões, Centro Cultural Português, Beira, 2019
Futuros Presidentes, Mercado Santa Clara, Lisbon, 2019
Futuros Presidentes, Camões, Centro Cultural Português, Maputo, 2019
Futuros Presidentes, Ribeira das Naus, Lisbon, 2018
Futuros Presidentes, Assembleia da República, Lisbon, 2018
Americans45, Auditório Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro, 2018
Oh Lisboa, a tua luz, a minha sombra – Mona Loja de Ideias, Lisbon, 2017
Oh Lisboa, your light, my shadow, Kunstraum Botschaft, Berlin, 2017
Boa Vista – Palácio Quintela, Lisbon, 2014
Project 2 Faces – Galeria Municipal de Arte, Barreiro, 2012
Project 2 Faces – Cinema S Jorge, Lisbon, 2011

Collective exhibitions:
Down the Rabbit Hole, Brooklyn NY, Photoville, 2015
Lumi, Galeria Liminare, LisbonWeek, Lisbon, 2017
Layer House – The House of Art, Kranj, Slovenia, 2019
Fineprint 20 years, 20 photographers, A Homem Mau, 2019
Lisbon, 2020 Poster Mostra, Marvila, Lisbon, 2020

Juliana, Grupo Jerónimo Martins Edition
Futuros Presidents, Helpo Edition
One City, One Name, Tokyo, No Frame Publishing.